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What is a bicycle engine kit?

bicycle engine is a gas/petrol powered bicycle that uses 2-stroke engine technology. It requires a standard "V-frame" without any obstruction in the center (ex. shocks, water bottle holder) for proper installation. A sprocket is also installed at the hub of the rear wheel for the engines drive chain.
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Do you sell replacement parts?

If you are looking for a body cylinder for your motor bicycle engine kit, heavy duty chain, or even electric parts such as a magneto then we have you covered. Just visit our replacement parts category to view our full list of replacement parts. 

Are bicycle engines reliable?

Our motorized bicycle engine kits use a common type of engine known as 2-stroke technology. They are very basic in design and contain a lot less moving parts compared to its counter-part 4-stroke engine. Two stroke engines are the main choice for many applications where performance and reliability in a small package is vital. Outboard engines and snowmobiles were exclusively 2-stroke for many decades. This is why we continue to use 2 stroke motors for our bicycle engine kits. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we do. Orders over $99 before tax are eligible for free standard shipping within Canada and the U.S.