Cylinder Parts

What does the piston do?

The piston inside a bicycle engine serves a very important role.  In just two-strokes the piston helps create compression, power, exhaust, and intake air. 

What does the piston rings do?

Piston rings create gas compression between the cylinder wall and the piston. The piston rings help seal the cylinder so the combusted gases generated during ignition do not leak into the opening between the body cylinder and piston.

Are gaskets important?

Yes, they are a small but crucial part in keeping your 2 stroke 80cc bicycle engine running smoothly. The primary job of the gasket (intake gasket, bottom end gasket, head gasket, etc.) is to keep debris from entering the engine, maintain internal pressure, and keep fluids inside the engine.

Do you sell replacement parts?

If you are looking for a replacement chain for your bicycle engine kit, body cylinder, or even electric parts such as a magneto then we have you covered. Just visit our replacement parts category to view our full list of replacement parts.