Chrome Tail Light Generator

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This chrome generator Tail light and headlight combo is a battery-less operated headlight. It comes with a mounting bracket and the generator. Its easy to mount it to the front handlebar and rear of your bicycle. 


  • Light measures approx. 5-1/2" long with visor and 4-1/2" without visor.
  • The front lense measures about 3-1/4".

Mounting Instructions:

  1. Attach the headlight to the mounting bracket and mount that bracket to the front fork, like you would when installing a front brake. Wire the tail light and ground said wire to the frame or a fender (where applicable).
  2. Run the wires of both the head and tail lights to the generator and mount them tight to the frame.
  3. Mount the dynamo to its bracket, and the bracket to your seat post. Be sure to press the rubber contact wheel tight to the wheel so it grabs the wheel efficiently.