ZB 49cc Bike Engine Kit (Silver)

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The strongest bicycle racing engine out there. This engine features a 45 degree angled spark plug and include a steel intake manifold, with a larger inner diameter for improved performance. This engine has a 1 3/8 (1.375) inch diameter down-tube engine mount accommodating the most common bicycle frames. Higher grade nuts and bolts are used throughout the entire engine.

Improved fuel line quality is included with these kits that don't get hard over time.

Strong gas tank clamps are now packaged which help create a secure bracket mount for the gas tank to the frame of the bicycle. The gas tank mounting bolts measure 1 1/8 (1.125) inches long and a spring loaded gas tank cap is included.

Stronger and more durable idler wheels, and a quieter and more fluid roller system.

 This complete racing bicycle engine kit package comes with every thing that you'll need to put together and build your own bike engine, and proceed to convert any regular 26" single speed or multi speed mountain bike into a motorized bike. You'll still be able to pedal the bike and ride like normal or start the engine by releasing the clutch lever. You can stop or start the engine as you ride without needing a rope to pull start. This installation kit comes with a 44 tooth 9 hole sprocket with easy to install 9 bolt universal mounting hardware that clamps over the rear wheel hub and spokes. This creates a totally independent drive sprocket and chain that does not interfere with your current drive chain or peddling.

With the built in clutch you maintain full function of the original bike. Pedal, shift, and ride your bike like normal. The engine kit only adds about 20 lbs to your bike. When you want to engage the engine simply release the clutch hand lever and the engine springs to life. To power off, simply press the included kill switch.


What do I need to put my motorized bike together?
1. Requires basic mechanics and simple tools (any mechanical experience always helps!) There are a number of Youtube videos and references we offer to help with installation.
2. It takes about a few hours to install while using easy to follow detailed instructions (which can be found on our website at https://zoombicycles.com/pages/installation-help  or by copying and pasting that URL link into your browser. If you are unable to download or access the site, please send us an inquiry and we will be happy to send you the details directly.


What type of bicycles with these racing engines fit on?
The racing engine requires a clearance of at least 15 inches in height on the seat tube (the part of the frame under the seat) and 14-15 inches in length on the down tube (the diagonal part of the frame), and it is approximately 5 inches wide. 

We recommend installing these kits on bicycles with a 1 inch diameter seat tube and with a 1-1.25 inch diameter on the down tube.
We have a gallery available on our website and you'll be able to view a selection of bicycles that these engines have been installed on.


1. Engine Mode: Single Cylinder, Air-cooling, 2-stroke
2. Bore & Stroke: 40mm x 38mm=48 cm3
3. Rated Power: 1.15Kw/5000r/min (1.6 horsepower/5000r/min)
4. Max. Power: 1.6Kw/6000r/min (3 horsepower/6000r/min)
5. Ignition Mode: CDI
6. Compression Ratio: 6:01
7. Driving Ratio: 18:01
8. Fuel Type: No.90
9. Type of Sparking Plug: Z4C 14MM
10. Volume of Oil Consumption: 1.5L/100km
11. Type of Clutch: Friction Plate / Dry
12. Cooling Mode: Natural Air Cooling
13. Lubrication Oil: Oil for 2-stroke Petrol Engine (or Oil for 10W/40.10W/30)
14. Mixing Ratio of Fuel and Engine Oil: 16:1 for new sets, 20: 1 after Running 500km
15. Net Weight: 22.05 lbs / 10 kg
16. Suitable for: 26" or 28" Bicycle
17. Color: Silver